Speakers from Summit 2017


Jeff Corwin
Host Of Ocean Mysteries, Conservationist And Environmental Journalist
David Rendall
Keynote speaker and Author of The Freak Factor
Scott Stratten
UN-traditional Sales, Marketing, Branding & Relationship Expert
Ryan George
Founder & CEO, Simpleview
Greg Evans
VP of Sales & Account Services, Simpleview
Liana Acevedo
Convention Sales & Services Coordinator, Richmond Region Tourism
Marla Allen
Research and Database Administrator, Visit Spokane
Tyler Bailey
DTN Operations Manager
Anthony Bocquentin
President & Co-founder, Barberstock Systems
Jack Bonney
Content Development Manager, Visit Anchorage
Brian Bossuyt
Director of Marketing, Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau
Tina Brohlin
Director of Sales, Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council
Pam Brown
Conference & Event Manager, The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel
Dave Burgan
Director of Information Technology, Experience Columbus
Cherish Caputo
Business Applications Manager, Visit KC
Tim Carreker
Information Technology Manager, Visit Baton Rouge
Peter Cassidy
Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Stackla
Matt Clement
Marketing Director, Arrivalist
Katie Cook
Director of Digital Marketing, Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau
Jeff Duncan
President and CEO, Meetingmax
Declan Dunleavy
Chief Technology Officer, OnceThere
Tony Ford
CEO, Sparc Interactive
Erin Francis-Cummings
President & CEO, Destination Analysts

Chris Fritsch
President & Business Development / Tech Consultant, Clients First Consulting
Fynn Glover
Founder & CEO, RootsRated Media
Jasmyn Goodwin
Director of Marketing & Content, Visit Omaha
Dana Hansen
Membership Sales Associate, Destination DC
Lauren Hartog
CRM Manager, Discover the Palm Beaches
Catherine Herlocker
Marketing & Partnership Sales Manager, Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge
Kate Herron
Director of Marketing, Experience Grand Rapids
Kelli Hilliard
Travel Development Manager, Kansas Office of Tourism & Travel
Abi Huebner
Partner & Group Development Manager, Visit Estes Park
Ashwin Kamlani
Executive Vice President, Kognitiv Corporation
Valerie Knoblauch
President and CEO, Finger Lakes Visitors Connection
Megann Kramer
Database Assistant, Hamilton County Tourism
Angie Manning
Communications Director, Lake Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau
Sally McAleer
VP of Integrated Marketing, Travel Lane County
Jordan Musall
Digital Marketing Coordinator, Hamilton County Tourism
Sarah Myers
Interactive Manager, Visit Park City
Michael Noblitt
Chief Operating Officer, Distribion, Inc.
Sureena Parmar
Client Services Manager, Meetingmax
Mary Ravert
Director Information Technology, Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau
Elaine Rosquist
Director of Services, empowerMINT and Event Impact Calculator
Sheila Scarborough
Writer & Speaker
Niklas Schlappkohl
Senior Director, Travel Solutions
Carl Shepherd
Advisor, OnceThere
Shimo Shimasaki
Managing Director of empowerMINT
Kate Skidmore
Senior Manager of Sales and Services, empowerMINT and Event Impact Calculator
Beth Snow
Marketing Manager, Sonoma County Tourism
Andrea Timbes
CRM Analyst, Fort Worth CVB
Elizabeth White
Web Manager, Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau
Linda Wojnar
Director of Web Content and Search Engine Marketing, Pocono Mountains visitors Bureau
Sam Brace
Director of Product Education
Sandee Jordan
Director of Content Marketing
Lisa Love
Executive Director - Experience Design (XD)
Paul McLeod
Director of Business Intelligence
Sean Moyle
Director of Operations - CMS
Joselyn Nussbaum
CRM & Marketing Technology Manager, Visit Sacramento
Mike Paradiso
Digital Services Manager & Developer, Choose Chicago
George Schaffer
Director of CMS Product Development
Geoffrey Schultz
Director of VisitApps
Scott Stanislav
Senior Director of Account Services
Jason Swick
Director of Search Engine Marketing
Kirsten Van Detta
Product Manager - CRM
Michele Barnes
CRO Analyst
Cindy Croftcheck
Lead CRM Analyst
Vicki Doyle
DTN DMO Markets Manager
Paul Franke
Senior Director of Revenue Generation
Lauren Isely
New Business Development Assistant
Mercedes Rodriguez
SEM Sitemap Analyst
Jenny Spoelma
Product Education Strategist
Grant Stoltz
Digital Media Analyst
Angel Berry
Lead CRM Analyst
Jesse Bowden
CMS Project Manager
John Duncan
Senior Interactive Designer
Shannon Flemming
Director of Operations - CRM, Tucson
Jocelyn Frazier
CRM - Ticketing Group Leader
Chris George
CRM Training Manager
Henry Greenberg
CMS Group Leader - Ticketing
Jessica Johnson
Lead CRM Analyst
Aaron Jones
CMS Group Leader - Production
Kara Kaczmarzyk
CRM Project Manager
Samantha Keithly
Senior Digital Media Analyst
Tracy LeGault
Senior SEO Analyst
Chris Martin
CRM Training Manager
Tim McCraley
Interactive Art Director
Kent Menkens
Senior Product Engineer
Nicole Norman
QA Lead Developer
Ryan Pape
CMS Project Manager - Work Orders
Aaron Pickering
Business Intelligence Analyst
Derrick Race
CRM Analyst
Leah Stiver
CMS Project Manager
Eddie Talkington
Senior Project Manager
Robyn Temple
Product Education Specialist
Monica Valdenegro
CRM Project Manager
Daniel Westcott
SEM Lead Developer
Veronica Williams
Senior Email Marketing Specialist