Connecting With Peers At Summit

One of the most valuable aspects of the Summit is your chance to network with hundreds of other DMO professionals. While the conference is geared towards learning about industry best practices and using our products, it is equally about meeting and talking with people who share your industry experiences.

Below are just a few of the opportunities available to connect with industry peers and members of the Simpleview staff: 


Meeting Staff

Our staff conducts team meetings throughout the event, so if you are attending the Summit and would like to meet your reps, simply make an appointment. It's as easy as that!

Networking and Exhibitor Breaks

Summit isn't a race; it’s a marathon. Pacing yourself, drink water, and taking advantage of Networking Breaks. Bounce ideas off of your peers, get to know our exhibitors’ products and services, and recharge with a snack and some juice for your devices. You’ll be glad you did!


Newcomer Lounge and Lunches

On Tuesday and Wednesday of the Summit, special tables will be available at lunch, as well as a lounge for new comers to come charge their devices, check their email, and meet other Summit attendees.

Closing Party

Simpleview prides ourselves in throwing one heck of a party. Celebrate a week of best practices, tips and tricks with good food, great drinks, and a rockin' band with attendees and staff!




Learn On Your Own Terms

Design your own Summit experience, with the opportunity to switch between speed sessions & trainings at will.