How to Schedule an Appointment on the Summit App in 3 easy steps


There’s an app for that … and here it is! Introducing the Simpleview Summit 2022 app, where everything you need to know about Summit is right at your fingertips. As part of our green initiative to eliminate printed schedules, we invite you to download the app and follow the instructions below on how to dive right in.

Step One

SV Summit app with Appointments selected

  1. Download and open the “Simpleview Summit” app, then enter your email where requested
  2. To schedule a meeting with a member of the CSR team, click “Meet your CSR” or click here
  3. To schedule a meeting with a CRM, CMS, XD, or Digital Marketing expert click “Ask an Expert”

Step Two

  1. Find the desired department or CSR representative you’d like to meet with
  2. Click “Request Meeting” at the bottom left

Step Three

  1. Select your desired time
  2. Select your desired location
  3. Add notes to the meeting description
  4. Click “Request Meeting”


  • How are meetings accepted? A request will be emailed to the invitee to review and deny the invitation, otherwise the default status is confirmed.
  • How can I view my schedule? View your schedule by clicking on My Event or Agenda > My Schedule.
  • Can I schedule a meeting on behalf of someone? You can’t schedule a meeting on behalf of someone else, but you can create the meeting and invite the user.
  • Where do we see the “Ask an Expert” schedule? Meetings can be viewed and made under the Appointments tab or under the “Ask an Expert.”
  • Will I be able to view my meetings outside of the app? Yes. All events can be exported and synced to Google/iCal calendars.