Speed Sessions

If you’ve attended Summit before, you’re familiar with our Roundtables, brief group sessions based around a set topic. This year, Roundtables become Speed Sessions. Same content in the same amount of time, just a slightly modified format. The goal is to provide quick, digestible how-tos on our products and services. While there will be time for questions, these sessions are meant to be quicker options than the in-depth training sessions, while your one-on-one questions can be answered at the new Ask-an-Expert tables.

But to speed it up and get ‘round to the details:

How it Works:

There will be four speed sessions rooms themed by topic:

  • CRM Sales
  • CRM Member Partner
  • CRM Admin/General
  • Digital Marketing

Each speed sessions time block is 45 minutes long, with two 20-minute sessions, and one 5-minute break in-between to switch tables. View the topics schedule for each room below, then scroll further down the page for session descriptions and takeaways (as applicable).



Speed Sessions Descriptions


  • Advanced Distribion Techniques

    Learn how to customize your emails with variable tags, custom unsubscribe pages and AB subject lines.

  • Applying Partner Referrals to Your Sales and Leisure Teams' Workflows

    Partner Referrals in your Simpleview CRM are a powerful tool. They can assist your sales and leisure teams, giving them a quick way to refer and track business suggestions made to their clients. We will discuss the setup process and show examples of this tool in action.

    It is recommended that attendees are familar with navigating their Simpleview CRM.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Creating a Partner Referral in Simpleview CRM user groups, such as Meeting Sales
    • Determining delivery options for the referral, such as email or printed mail
    • Sending alerts to partners included in the referral process
  • Are My Emails Working?

    Email analytics and what the numbers mean. How to apply your analytics to future email campaigns to make them successful.

  • Becoming a Data Management Rockstar

    Join us to understand how simple concepts, such as naming standards, can have a positive impact on data. We'll also discuss best practices for using Simpleview CRM functionality and tools that can positively impact effective data management.

    None. Those with experience using the Simpleview CRM, particularly with pulling and building report, will be able to more easily follow the content.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Creating understandable labels through Admin Dropdowns
    • Understanding the organizational debt labels such as "General", "Other" and "Misc." we can create for your organization
    • Considering the multiple audiences who can interact with a CRM field, such as staff and visitors
  • Collecting Consumer Data via Forms without Creating a Potential Lawsuit

    When you are using Simpleview CRM Form Builder to capture visitor data, there are certain fields and questions you have to make sure are in place. Otherwise, you could be potentially sending spam, which can send legal and monetary ramifacations your way. We'll cover some basics when building your forms to prevent your organization from getting into deep trouble.

    It is recommended that attendees are familiar with the Simpleview CRM Form Builder.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Understanding the difference between implied and express consent
    • Collecting records of consent confirmations in the Simpleview CRM
    • Preventing any checkboxes from being pre-filled to suggest consent
  • Data Fitness Helps Tell a Better Data Story

    The Destination Dashboard tool can help you tell a compelling story about your marketing effort if you have good, clean data. But what happens if your CRM data is not so clean? Learn how to use the dashboard to clear up bad data and tell a better story! The business intelligence team will show you have to use metrics and visualizations to quickly audit the health of your CRM, than use that clean data to tell a better data story.

  • Developing a Master List of Activities for Easy Site Inspection Development

    Rather than building each of your Site Inspections from stratch in the Simpleview CRM FAM/Site Inspection user group, you can pull from a master list of activities. Find out how to import data from an existing Site Inspection in this interactive session.

    It is recommended that attendees are familar with the Simpleview CRM FAM/Site Inspection user group.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Importing activities from a previously created Site Inspection onto a new one
    • Developing a master list of activities, based on commonly included places or sites for your Site Inspections
    • Easily tracking your upcoming site inspections in the Simpleview CRM
  • Distribion 4.2 Ui & Features Upgrade Demo

    Email, Email, Email! Experience the entirely updated email user interface with streamlined workflow, drag and drop article library functionality, and subject line suggester. Along with a new look, there are new features that provide additional insight into email reporting.

  • Living in a Spam World

    Ever feel that no matter what you do you can't get away from email spam? Learn some best practices you can put into practice instantly to assist your emails in getting into the inbox.

  • Managing Your Member/Partner Amenities

    Amenities are a great tool that meeting planners and visitors can use to find the perfect accommodation, restaurant or attraction to suit their preferences. The amenity data you associate with your Listings can be used and displayed on your website, searches and reports in a few ways. Because of this, the content is vital to properly represent your members and partners. We’ll show you how to properly develop the fields, as well as associated tabs and groups, to ensure an optimal experience using the data.

    None. Those with experience using the Simpleview CRM, particularly with the Member/Partner user group, will be able to more easily follow the content.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Setting up your Amenities on the Extranet for members and partners to handle
    • Understanding the purpose of your Meeting Facilities tab when working with your Meeting Sales and Services teams
    • Showcasing the many ways Amenities can display on your website, such as Listing Detail pages and Advanced Facility Searches
  • Marketing Automation w/ Act On and Simpleview

    Learn how Marketing Automation can help you reach your goals. An introduction of key Act-On features, Marketing Automation basics, and Customer Journeys.

  • Properly Using Your Member/Partner Tags

    Tags are labels that help to sort and organize records within a Simpleview CRM user group, such as Member/Partner. We'll show you how to accurately associate these to your Accounts, Contacts, and Listings.

    It is recommended that attendees are familar with the Simpleview CRM Member/Partner user group.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Applying Account Tags to identify the unique qualities of a business
    • Exposing reports to specific Extranet users via Contact Tags
    • Identifying seasonal themes for your members and partners with Listing Tags
  • Pulling Your Media Contacts into CRM Through the Media Import Tool

    Whether you are using Cision, Meltwater, or another public relations software company, you can pull your media contact information and details from it into your Simpleview CRM. It's all done with our Media Import Tool. Find out how to get and use this feature in your Media/PR user group.

    It is recommended that attendees have used the Simpleview CRM Media/PR user group before attending.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Importing data from leading PR software into the CRM Media/PR user group
    • Mapping fields from third-party software to those in the Simpleview CRM
    • Understanding which types of data can be imported from Cision and Meltwater, among other providers, into CRM
  • Share Your Reports

    In the Simpleview CRM, you can create reports from practically every field in the system! But, did you know DMOs can choose to share those reports with other DMO CRM customers? We'll show you how to do so, as well as outline the proper installation and usage practices.

    It is recommended that attendees have used the Reports section of any Simpleview CRM user group before attending.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Using Custom and Bureau reports for various Simpleview CRM user groups, including Member/Partner and Meeting Sales
    • Installing any sharable reports into your Simpleview CRM system
    • Making one of your Custom or Bureau reports available to other Simpleview CRM users
  • Show Your Destination's Personality through Custom Extranet Skins

    Whether you are a beachside destination or surrounded by cornfields, you want to showcase your destination's personality throughout all of your branding materials. This can include your Simpleview Extranet, as adding custom treatments is a breeze! We'll show you several DMOs who have decided to use custom colors, headers, and backgrounds to provide the perfect portal for their Members/Partners.

    It is recommended that attendees have actively used and administered any version of the Simpleview Extranet before attending.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Applying custom branding treatments throughout your Simpleview Extranet
    • Understanding which aspects can be customized by you or Simpleview's development team
    • Incorporating a cohesive look and feel from your style guides in this Member/Partner portal
  • Stackla - The Engagement Driver

    UGC is the modern equivalent of word of mouth advertising. Your UGC strategy should include more than just pretty pictures on your homepage. See how Stackla drives engagement on and offline and makes UGC work for your brand.

  • Syncing Email Messages to Your Simpleview CRM as Traces

    If you use Outlook or Gmail, you can easily keep records of your email communications in the Simpleview CRM! Find out how to link your messages to CRM records through Traces.

    It is recommended that attendees are familar with the Simpleview CRM Traces functionality.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Tracking email communication history in CRM Traces
    • Installing and configuring toolbars in Gmail and Outlook to integrate those services with Simpleview CRM
    • Flagging and categorizing emails that have been synced with CRM
  • Types of Video Content & Where to Use It

    With video on the rise and so many marketing tools available - what type of video should you produce and where & when should you be using it? We'll explore the varieties of video content, what works, what doesn't, the most cost-effective options and the best distribution channels for each.

  • Using Custom Communication Templates in your CRM

    Communication Templates can make sending transactional, business-to-business emails via the Simpleview CRM a snap! Your system comes with our standard templates in place, but custom templates can be created easily by DMO staff or a CRM developer. We'll walk you through the creation steps.

    It is recommended that attendees are familar with the Simpleview CRM, preferably with sending communications through various user groups in it.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Knowing the difference between Merge, Editor, and Signature Templates
    • Using your system's Admin section to create new templates
    • Applying the Communications templates in specific scenarios in CRM user groups, such as Meeting Sales and Member/Partner
  • Using Snapshot vs. Status History for Accurate Sales Reporting

    When reporting off of your sales activity, accuracy is key. That's why it's important to know when to use the Snapshot and the Status History features of your Simpleview CRM. Stop by to learn a little bit about these key reporting tools and find out some best practices for making adjustments to them, when needed.

    It is recommended that attendees are familar with the Simpleview CRM Meeting Sales user group.

    3 Takeaways:

    • Understanding which Simpleview CRM fields are tracked in a Lead, Assist, and Definite Snapshot
    • Applying the historical data from Status History and Snapshot to your Meeting Sales and Services workflows
    • Giving sales managers proper credit for their leads