Dr. Stacia Thompson
Executive Director, Sherman Phoenix Foundation

Dr. ThompsonDr. Stacia Thompson is the Executive Director of the Sherman Phoenix Foundation in Milwaukee, WI. Dr. Thompson is known for being a change agent in developing economic empowerment and workforce strategies. With deep expertise in community development, program development, entrepreneurial services and economic development, she is also an expert speaker and facilitator for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Her previous roles include tenures at the University of Wisconsin Parkside, Gateway Technical College, City Colleges of Chicago and most recently the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago.

The Sherman Phoenix is a state-of-the-art space for small businesses of color. It is a popular place to eat, shop, practice self-care, or attend a cultural or entrepreneurial-focused event. It serves over 100 people daily and has been home to nearly 50 businesses since opening.

In 2016, civil unrest broke out in the Sherman Park neighborhood of Milwaukee after a fatal police shooting rocked the community. In the following weeks, community conversations identified the need for safe, welcoming neighborhood spaces and from those conversations, the idea for the Sherman Phoenix rose out of the ashes. Once rising from the ashes, the Sherman Phoenix is still rising and is now the heartbeat of Sherman Park and Greater Milwaukee’s neighboring communities, providing much-needed resources and opportunities. They are committed to collaborating with community-based organizations working to build inclusive and just economies for communities of color.

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Wed. April 10

BKlear Alkaline Water in reusable aluminum bottles


BKlear's aluminum bottles are the most sustainable beverage package on virtually every measure. Aluminum cans are recycled over and over again in a true “closed loop” recycling process, while glass and plastic are typically “down-cycled” into products like carpet fiber or landfill liner. In addition, plastic bottles contain a chemical called Bisphenol A, or BPA. This chemical seeps into the water we drink, causing us to ingest these chemicals. This chemical is said to cause diseases such as cancer and lead to hormonal issues. We couldn’t allow that!

BKlear's mission is to provide a hydrating solution that tastes better, is better for the environment, and helps address one of the most pressing public health issues of our time- universal access to clean drinking water. ​

In the U.S. alone, aluminum cans are recycled at an average of nearly 70% in comparison to just 3% for plastics.
-Environmental Protection Agency

Herbal Room SprayHerbal Room Spray from Alice’s Garden Urban Farm 

Alice’s Garden provides models of regenerative farming, community cultural development, and economic agricultural enterprises for the global landscape. We recognize the cultivating, preparing, and preserving of food, and food traditions, as cultural arts to be reclaimed and celebrated fully in urban agriculture.

Alice’s Garden was named in honor after Alice Meade-Taylor, a former Executive Director of Milwaukee County Extension whose vision for building neighborhoods and nurturing people included gardening programs for children, youth and their families. She brought experiences and knowledge from study and training in programs such as those operated by USAID and the World Health Organization in Liberia, the Liberian Institute of Public Administration, and the University of Chicago Child and Family Institute at Northwestern University. Upon returning to Milwaukee, she was involved with community projects that improved the lives of women and their families and supported people of color and their communities, including the Fighting Back Project in Milwaukee County and the African Diaspora Project at North Division High School.

Alice Meade-Taylor's career was dedicated to education, first in the area of youth issues, then in drug and alcohol abuse programs, and later in teaching people about cultural diversity and multiculturalism


Lush popcornLush Popcorn

Lush popcorn is a family owned and operated company that started as a labor of love. Self proclaimed foodies Marcia and Marc began creating flavor-infused popcorn for family and friends who in turn convinced them that their popcorn was meant to be shared with the world. Lush officially began in 2014 with our signature White Chocolate flavor.

Our flavor pallet has since expanded to include Liquor infused creations, inspired by our very own Brew City history. Lush popcorn aims to end the popcorn prohibition, and revolutionize the snacking industry, one flavor at a time!